uncaBrian (1:38:46 PM): man, i’m getting hungry.

christeen73 (1:38:59 PM): watch out everyone!

uncaBrian (1:39:34 PM): hey, so i’m praying for God to bless me at work. is that Jabezian?

christeen73 (1:39:44 PM): sure!

uncaBrian (1:40:11 PM): so is he going to do it?

christeen73 (1:40:24 PM): we’ll see won’t we

uncaBrian (1:41:15 PM): actually, it’s pretty interesting. i think we usually see everything as a blessing, nowadays. i mean, before, it was blessings and curses. but now it’s either blessings or blessings-in-disguise.

christeen73 (1:44:56 PM): is that acknowledging God’s sovereignty?

uncaBrian (1:45:30 PM): i guess. i’ve just been trying to figure out why this different way of perceiving things.

uncaBrian (1:46:14 PM): Israelite: “I just lost my job…God has cursed me.”

uncaBrian (1:46:38 PM): Modern-day Christian: “I just lost my job…God must be trying to teach me something.”


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