I just read an amazing article about youth ministry and the church.

After reading this article, I became so excited because it resonated so deeply with what we envision for our church, Home of Christ (6) in Ardenwood.

Quite honestly, right now, we’re not there. As of yet, we have some young adults that downright detest our youth. They avoid them, unfairly judge them, and look down up on them. It really saddens me and upsets me at the same time. Don’t they realize that they were once in junior high? Don’t they realize that we are not a social club where everyone is equally nice and sound? We’re God’s refuge for princes and paupers.

That said, while I feel sad and even quite upset about this sometimes, it is this vision that keeps me and my coworkers going. Proverbs 29:18 tells us that where this is no vision, or revelation…the people perish. And without this prophetic-ish vision of the God’s church, we’d all be gone. But this vision of the church drives us, fuels us, and excites us.

I’ve worked since I was 17, went from kindergarten thru college, and I’ve never regularly waken up each morning, looking forward to what I had to do until now. Working full-time in this ministry has been a joy because of the people, my call, and this unshakeable vision…this hunch that God’s plan is just gonna explode…and I might be around to see it!


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