I just finished eating lunch, so now I’m quite happy.

Leftover pasta, if you should wonder, leftover from a dinner I cooked for my family on Wednesday:

-deviled eggs
-baked boneless, skinless chicken thigh (marinated in olive oil, liquor, garlic, salt, white pepper, marinara sauce)
-tossed pasta (cooked in drippings from the baked chicken, garlic, marinara sauce)
-peas and bacon
-red bell peppers and mushrooms (with salt, black pepper, twist of lemon)
-mooncake (yuck, but mandatory for this time of year…store bought, not homemade thank you)

Let me just say that it was quite good.


2 thoughts on “Ahhhhh

    • hahaha. i don’t think i would last. i have this gnawing feeling that we have “sleeper” cooks at hoc6…ppl like you.

      though i must say, i have made some considerable improvements over the past few months, if i say so myself…

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