California Recall

I was taken aback when I first heard from people that they thought the California Recall effort had more similarities to a circus than an election. I thought it was sensationlistic and just plain overstatement, typical of newspapers and political commentators, always searching for sound bytes and one-liners. But then, as the events unfolded, I began to see what they saw…

I am not very well versed in politics in general and certainly not in this recall, so I may get many “facts” wrong, but here are a few reasons why I believe this recall effort has turned into a circus:

– a conservative talk show host (KSFO) has been claiming that she actually started the recall, not Issa
– what is up with Issa’s hair?
– we have a porn king, a few porn queens, and a midget running for governor (come on…a man characterized by horns, women in bikinis, and a midget)
– when the ACLU brought its case to delay the election before a board of 3 liberal judges, they won
– when the ACLU brought its case to delay the election before a board of 11 moderate-to-conservative judges, they were denied
– the ACLU got involved…need I say more?
– now that Davis is under fire, he has become increasingly liberal, erratic, and dishonest (e.g., supporting driver’s license for illegal immigrants even though he vehemently rejected the bill twice before)
– Davis brought in big guns, Clinton and Gore; he even danced with Gore to hip hop after one of the speeches
– Bustamante tried to get the other candidates to boycott the most recent debate so that Swartzenegger would be alone
– Carey, one of the porn stars, said that she was upset that the CBA did not allow her to participate in the latest debate
– during the most recent debate, Bustamante claimed that he was so popular because of his textbook bill, everyone in the public schools knew his name
– during the most recent debate, Swartzenegger offered Huffington a part in Terminator 4

So my conclusion is, yes, the recall effort has become a circus.

Does this mean I won’t take this election seriously? No. Government is always serious business. But I just wanted to agree, for the record, that this election will be a fun read in our history books.


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