Reflections on our Halloween Party


These are some words that begin with “c” that also happen to describe what I feel about last night’s Halloween Party at our church.

But with only a little bit more reflection, I see that these words are a little bit of fog. Behind this thin sheet of mist lie the fruits of everything that we had hoped for. Sure my marshmallow mansion game turned out to be not very fun, extremely messy, and totally chaotic. But I think it ended up still being a good chance for adults and youth to work together. Sure my sharing about the history of Halloween went way over time, but I guess now people know why we as a church celebrate Halloween the way we do. Sure, W. asked our youth if they knew what fornication meant, but he, an adult at church asked them, not one of their school buddies.

My hope for the night would that young and old would bond together and truly learn to celebrate each other’s presence and position as saints. So many times, in the world, we require that a person offer something, a gift, a skill, some status, money…something, before we will celebrate them. But in the kingdom of God, in the local church, I hoped that we would learn that we have something to celebrate within each other simply because we have a common Creator and Savior…that our gift was our own person. I think that the adults really made the youth feel special with their ad lib’s and wonderful gifts. To this day, I still don’t think adults really understand the impact that they make on the lives of youth. And the youth shared some skits, and hopefully the adults got the message. They shared worship songs, and hopefully they worshiped.

In this world, youth often look down on adults as old-fashioned and insensitive. Adults look down on youth as annoying, rebellious, and unguided. I hope that this Halloween Party really helped break down that cycle. Because I strongly believe that in the Kingdom of God, this is not supposed to be the norm. I hope that adults can come and feel like they make a difference in young people’s lives. I hope that youth come and feel that adults love and respect them and are willing to pour their lives into them. I hope that at our church, the Kingdom of God is being revealed every time we meet, even if imperfectly.

In reflection, I think our Halloween party, as imperfect as it was, was a landmark on this journey towards unity and love. I’m glad we did it, and I think the others would agree. It was a taste of heaven.


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