I realize that I labor far too hard on my blogs, it’s sorta sorry…

So humor me in some mindless entries (Eddiemondo, thou art my inspiration)…

Tried a New York Cheesecake flavored donut at Krispy Kreme today. Eddiemondo told me it wasn’t good, but I had to try for myself.


Stopped by Jollibee also, just for fun. That place is


The first and last time I was there, I had fried chicken and palabok (<– pa-LA-bok). The fried chicken was decent, the palabok was


It made me sick to my stomach, especially with that mystery orange gook. It looked like orange juice that my brother left in the fridge and forgot about for a year. dyhein insists it was because I forgot to put the lemon juice on.

Speaking of food, I must say, for the record, that my culinary ability has upped a notch over the past year-or-so. I don't know what it is, but all my pasta comes out al dente and savory and light…all at the same time. My meats come out tender, flavorful, rich, and exquisite. YuYin keeps telling me that I should become a chef. Every time a commercial airs for a culinary academy, she nudges me with her elbow.

It's not really that flattering, because I don't think it's a big deal to go to culinary school. But I realize how happy it makes me feel when I make a good meal.

And I've been happy a lot this past year.


One thought on “Mindless

  1. Anonymous says:

    told you so

    i warned you about the new york cheesecake krispy kreme. it’s probably straight from new york, that’s why it was spoiled and gross. or maybe, they just dropped it on the ground and stepped on it. not very cheesecakish or new yorkish for that matter.

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