Sometimes I am struck by the goodness in life.  Driving home from
church this evening, I was riding alone, listening to some NPR show on
Culture, and goodness just came over me like jazz.  It was a warm
fellowship at church, and this time alone on the road in the dark had a
coziness to it. 

You know how usually after you have a great time
with friends, you go home feeling empty?  I had the exact
opposite.  It sort of reminded me of that overplayed movie scene
of someone riding into the sunset in a convertible. 

Funny thing,
I didn’t want it to end.  So instead of turning into my driveway I
just kept on driving around and around.  After the thought of
wasting gas caught up to me, I pulled up home and just sat there
enjoying the night…until NPR started talking about schizophrenia and
then it just spooked me out and I went in.


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